A guilty pleasure in June

Once upon a sketch challenge  for June:
Theme: What's your guilty pleasure?

Oh yes! We all get some sort of pleasure from something we really shouldn't. What's yours? 

Ideas for journalling: scrapping, time alone, food, going to a concert, a T.V show, time in the garden, playing , Facebook, your iphone, shopping, bags, shoes, computer time, designing, creating etc etc

Your layout must incorporate this theme and the sketch below.

Please make sure that we see some sort of journalling on your layouts and please tell us where your journalling is . You are allowed to journal in any language but please tell us where on your page we will find your journalling. Remember journalling has to be a bit more than a title, or a generic comment. Hidden journalling is perfectly fine.

And here is my layout:

 I have never ever tasted trifle before this.I love this soooo much and the only reason I don't make it very often is that it's too fattening.So I only make it on special occasions.I even bought those beautiful old fashioned glasses for this chocolate pleasure.

I am giving you the link here in case you really need it. 


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  1. Σλουρπ. Εξαιρετική σύνθεση. Χαζεύω πως χρησιμοποιείς και την ραπτομηχανή σου για να παίρνω ιδέες.


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