My week in London

No more than two weeks ago I travelled to London,thanks to a very dear friend who had a spare bed there.I spent seven days,walking,sight seeing,taking pictures and having lots and lots of fun(I slept a lot too but that doesn't sound so exciting,does it?).

So,here are some photos:

Happy Christmas everyone 
See you soon



A little more fun

A couple of weeks ago,I got myself a significant amount of beautiful paper and embellishments.At the same time I was getting ready for a week's pre-Christmas holiday(I will explain in photos in a few days).I couldn't leave without giving my precious supplies the attention they needed.So I created the following layout,just for fun.Again(actually it's quite liberating cutting paper just for fun-this is a recent discovery for me).

 I loved this Crate Paper and Fancy Pants red.This is a huge surprise because I am an anti red person (who likes surprises)!!!!

So have fun and see you around


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