Happy birthday

Hola Ana
y Scrapaddictes
feliz 1er aniversario 

 Eso es lo que hemos preparado para ti con mucho carino.

 Espero que este aniversario sea el primer de muchos muchos mas. Que todo siga bien. Muchos besos. 

And for you ,dear readers, there's a special way to celebrate the very first birthday of Scrapaddictes.This Saturday evening, join us on the 28th here and promise you won't regret it.Lots of love and kisses.
See you there.


Two for February

Hi everyone!
I have two layouts I made for scrapaddictes that I still haven't posted on my blog,which makes me realise that it's been almost a month since my last visit here.This is not a good thing :(
But now ,thank god, it's early and everybody else in the house is asleep,so the timing is perfect.
I made the fisrt layout for this month's challenge at Scrapaddictes which is Big Titles.I loved the idea very much.Titles can look as important on a page as the photo itself,right?

And there is one more I made about my husband and I, because I had to scrap this photo.It was late in the afternoon when we took this selfie and we were really ,really exhausted.We still are,in case you are interested.If you'd like to read the whole post ,you can find it here.

Haha.Look at us.

I am just reminding that the challenge is still running.You are welcome to join.
I am sending you all my love and I am off to the kitchen.


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