A perfect day at the beach

Last night I scrapped one of my favourite photos ever.I shot the picture three years ago at a nearby beach.It was one of those beautiful summer days,the sea was perfect and the beach wasn't too crowded.I haven't had the chance to go back there,although it's really close to where I live.This summer I intend to go back as soon as schools close.

I used lots of washi tape throughout the page.And with this layout I am joining Chic tags challenge and SIG

This is my layout:

 Hope you like it
and see you soon


A layout for Scrapidees

A couple of months ago I got an e mail from Paloma Riera who's a member of a french challenge blog called scrapidees.I was invited as a guest for the May challenge.Actually I created the sketch and based on that, I made the following layout.

I enjoyed making this layout so much and I still think that it's one of my best pages ever.
Anyway,you can visit the blog to see the sketch,to get inspired and get the whole picture of the challenge.

I would like to thank scrapidees for the invitation and for the chance to design for them.
I am very happy and excited for this.
Thank you Paloma


Sweet heart(s)

There is a wonderful color challenge over at Life.Paper.Scrapbook for May

So I had a photo of my baby with her rattle which had to be put on paper.

This is my take:

Thanks for stopping by.
See you


A layout and a special offer for an on line class

There are two things I would like to share with you today.The first one is a layout I made some days ago.

The second thing is the following:I may be a guest for this upcoming class at JenniferGraceCreates http://bit.ly/10AcyvI special offer available until 13th May at 10.59pm BST! 

So take a look at the above link and maybe you'll find something you like.Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by.


Basic colors for LPS blog

About a week ago i made this layout for LPS challenge blog.There is this bright and vivid color palette(i had great difficulty using blue!) and i wanted to give it a shot.

 My baby got me a tablet and that day(the day I took the pics)I realised it has a camera(do not comment on that) and took some photos of my other baby and myself.

So this is my page

This A+ bagde is the only blue embellishment I had(how can this be possible?).Anyway thanks for stopping by.


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My little survivor

Αγαπώ πολύ τα φυτά.Αυτή τη στιγμή τα φυτά μου(όσα έχουν απομείνει)με ακουνε και γελάνε.Μέσα σε τρια χρόνια έχω καταφέρει να τα ξεπαγιάσω και να τα ξεπαστρέψω σχεδόν όλα.Δύο σεφλέρες(η μία παγωσε δυο φορές),όλα μου τα κακτοειδή(φέτος),τα λατρεμένα μου παχύφυτα που τη βγάζουν δεν την βγάζουν,τον ιβίσκο τον κηδέψαμε πέρυσι παρέα με την αρτι αφιχθείσα ορτανσία(αντίο ροζούλα),σπαθυφυλλα δύο τον αριθμό,μία δρακαινα που κιτρινιάρα πάει απο το κακό στο χειρότερο,για να μη μιλήσω για τα εποχιακά που πριν κλείσουν εβδομάδα,πιάνουν μαμούνια(που είσαι,Γιάννη,μαμουνολόγε).Α!Πέρυσι πήρα να φυτέψω φράουλες.Καλά κρασιά.Ας μην τα σκέφτομαι άλλο γιατί στεναχωριέμαι.....

Που το πάω όμως;Θα καταλήξω.Προ πενταετίας είχα πάρει απο ένα σουπερμαρκετ ένα τοσοδούλι παχύφυτο.Είναι το μόνο που έχει επιβιώσει μεσα σε διάστημα τόσων χρόνων,έχει μεγαλώσει πάααρα πολύ(φτου σου,καλό μου)και ανθίζει νωρίς με πολύ εξωτικό λουκ.Νομίζω ότι δικαίως του αφιέρωσα το παρακάτω layout για τη μαγιάτικη πρόκληση του get creative.

 Ιδού λοιπόν ο επιζών και μάλιστα ανθισμένος:

ΥΓ:Να στείλω φιλιά και στις μολόχες μου.(ξέρω ξέρω κακώς σας έχω δεδομένες...θα επανορθώσω)
Ματς μουτς.



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