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It's been quite a long time,right?Well I'm still here,spending time mostly at the beach and enjoying myself relaxing at home before school begins.But I 'd rather not think about that now,because it's still too hot and I intend to make the best of the days to come.

I have some scrap news as well.Taraaaam.
I was invited to be a guest at In The Scrap,a very pretty,totally my style blog.I suggest you visit it to get an idea.
I have made a layout for their August challenge which is Printables.There's a prize for the winner as well.Yay!
It's about Ikea and all the different ways my daughter and my nephew call it every time we go there.There are more that what you see here :)

Also I made,customized I would say a simple notepad I had in my stationery box.It took me half an hour and I loved it madly.Actually i intend to use it and this is great because most of the times all those tiny projects end up in a box miserable and alone.
Here it is:
I have a full post with more photos here.
Thank you very much for reading me.
I will be back soon with another project for In The Scrap which will be published at the end of the month.


  1. H σύνθεση σου μου αρέσει τρελά!!πολύ παιχνιδιάρικη!!!
    Επίσης η ιδεα ενος σημειωματαριου φτιαγμένο με τόσο γούστο είναι υπέροχη, κραταω συνεχεια σημειωσεις όλο σε έτοιμα εμπορικα ημερολογια ενω αν εφτιαχνα κάτι μόνη μου θα ήταν τέλειο!!
    ευχαριστούμε για την έμπνευση!

    1. Ναι Σοφια ει αι ευκολο γρηγορο και ομορφο.Δοκιμασε το,!

  2. Oh what a lovely layout!! How did I miss this?? I absolutely love the mix of alpha stickers!


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