Right now

I started this layout on Saturday in Thessaloniki where I had an amazing time with some very special scrapfriends and finished it last night half asleep on my sofa.It was  a real headache.Honestly I don't know why but the imporant thing is that I eventually loved my page.


 I hope you like it and thank you for visiting.

*In case you would like to see more of my work you can visit my studio gallery here*

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  1. Ότι και να κανεις ειναι υπέροχο!δεν ξερω γιατι σε πονοκεφαλιασε η σελιδα αλλα ειναι εξαιρετική! Και η μικρη εχει μεγαλώσει κι εχει ομορφύνει τοσο πολυ!


Thank you for your comment :)


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