Lots of projects and a special goodbye

I am back to show you several layouts and spreads I created with two beautiful kits by Blinks of Life.
First of all there's the creative kit.I loved it so much with these floral and pastel colors of spring!And this shine bright acrylic shape is the star of the month.

 Here are my layouts

Also there are 4 lifestory spreads to share.I was so late creating these but my kit arrived with a huge delay....blame the post office :P

In case you'd like to see more photos and close ups of my layouts and spreads ,you can visit the gallery here.

These were my last  projects for Blinks of Life and I want to say goodbye and thank you to Natalia who has been very generous,kind and patient with me.She has given me the chance to work with beautiful products and wonderful girls in her creative team.It was a very good year and I enjoyed it so much!


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  1. Οσα διαβάζω είναι τόσο γλυκά, μου θυμίζουν το δικό μου παιδί ...Ομως ο τροπος που αποτυπωνεις τις λεπτομέριες και τα γράφεις είναι φανταστικός!Κριμα που φεύγεις απο το blinks , νομίζω σου πηγαινε πολύ ....Εύχομαι να συνεχίσεις έτσι..!


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