Life story cards and a mini notebook

Some time ago I printed some Life Story cards from Blinks Of Life and didn't have the chance to used on a PL spread.And then I forgot about them.And then I remembered them.So I thought why not use them to make a something like a mini notebook for myself,where I could write thoughts and quotes I really liked?
The thing is that I had the idea to print some of them on white cardstock and some on transparency.And I combined two cards in one.I'll show you what I mean.
This is  the confettis card set and let me tell you that they are no longer sold as                printables but only as a set  of printed cards ready to use.And look at my photos:

 I also printed a photo of me for the cover and decorated the rest of the cards with bits of embellishments.


                                              And here is the whole project

                        Thank you for visiting and have a good night.See you ;)

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