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I have a couple of layouts I made back in September when I was a guest at Citrus Twist Kits.I intended to share them throughout the whole month but things don't always happen the way we plan them.Seriously I am trying to deal with the old me procrastinating everything(this is going really good)or forgetting things(getting better everyday).I even got myself diaries,planners and all kinds of stuff that help me remind myself things.So far I am proud of myself.But I am still half way through.Wish me luck!
So let me show you what I made.

I also made a pretty envelope with the leftovers of the kit.Nothing special or fancy.



  1. Υπέροχα και γλυκύτατα και τα 3 project σου 'Ελενα μου!!!Με αυτό που παθαινω πάντως πλάκα πάντοτε ειναι οι φωτο σου!!!Ειναι πανέμορφες!!!

  2. Την πρωτη θα πω την αλήθεια!!Την ειχα δει στο citrus και δεν χρειάστηκε καν να διαβασω σχεδιαστρια!φωναζε απο μακρυα!!!Η δευτερη ειναι τόσο όμορφη επισης!Ανυπομονω να παρω και εγω στα χερια μου την σειρά notes !!!

  3. Dear Elena

    Yes, I know that. I also forget a lot. Happy us to have some tools which help us :o).

    I like your pages. And the envelope is so sweet. Great colors and I love circle paper.


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