I love stitching on layouts.I think it gives a carefree look on pages.A sense of freedom.Although my sewing machine is rather old and quite heavy-my back aches every time I pick it up,I love it.And I can't say I finished a layout if no thread is involved.So for those of you who love stitching like me,there's a new challenge at scrapaddictes.

Here is my layout 

Tons of pink and mint with the shimelle collection.Loved it.Take a closer look

Look at this badge.It was blank with a texture like paper.I used some watercolor(yes, I got myself a set of watercolors) to paint it and glued a tiny heart to embellish it.

 Head over to the blog to find more inspiration because there some great ideas for stitching ,even without a sewing machine.Thanks for visiting and see you soon


  1. Αν πω οτι ειναι η καλύτερη σου θα ειναι υπερβολή;;; Λατρευω τα παντα σε αυτη!!!!

  2. Πανέμορφη....κάθε λεπτομέρεια..μια γλύκα!!

  3. Λατρευω καθε σελίδα σου και το ξερεις!!Επίσης αγαπώ να τρυπώνω εδω μέσα και να σου γράφω δυο λόγια λατρειας γιατι μονο αυτο αξίζουν αυτά που φτιάχνεις!!!ευχαριστώ για την εμπνευση!!!πολλα φιλια!!!


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