My week in London

No more than two weeks ago I travelled to London,thanks to a very dear friend who had a spare bed there.I spent seven days,walking,sight seeing,taking pictures and having lots and lots of fun(I slept a lot too but that doesn't sound so exciting,does it?).

So,here are some photos:

Happy Christmas everyone 
See you soon


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  1. Αχ φιλενάδα!!! Σούπερ το Λονδίνο, σούπερ και οι φωτογραφίες!!!

    (Και στο γωνιακό που λέει "It's all Greek"... 10 μέτρα πιο πέρα είναι το craftομάγαζο του Λονδίνου, χαχαχα)

    Hasta la proxima!!!


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