Get Creative November 1st challenge and more...

Last month we celebrated my love's birthday with a big heart shaped glazed chocolate cake.He loves chocolate so much that he ate the whole cake in one and a half day.I had time to grab only one tiny piece of it.

I took some pictures of him just before the disappearence of the cake and used them on my november 1st get creative layout.if you 'd like to take part in the challenge,all you have to do is use three or more photos on a single page.Go for it and good luck.

I am posting the video with the recipie,just in case......

And i am not finished yet:
Do you remember my october 7th post about the card challenges ever at get creative blog?

I have a winner!
And the winner is 
with this amazingly beautiful card:

Congrats,Natasha!You'll get your present in the following days.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to all the girls that took part in my challenge.I was pleasantly surprised to see so many lovely creations.

And I am not finished yet.....Don't go please....

A few days ago(actually it' s been more that a few) one of my scrapbooking friends gave me the Liebster award
so i must give ιτ to some of my favourite blogs with less that 200 friends.I gave it a thought and decided to give it to the folllowing:

ARTestelle:scrapbooking from Greece
Colors of Alex:a scrappy place from Sweden
Ταξιδευοντας:η άλλη όψη:Ο τίτλος τα λέει όλα

AAAAAnd if you are still here,it's time to say goodbye



  1. Great use of multiple photos! I like how the photos tell the story.

  2. Πωπωπω! Εκπληκτική! Τα χρώματα, τα σχέδια, οι φωτος, πωπω φοβερή σύνθεση!

  3. Πολλά like Έλενα μου!Πάρα πολλά like!
    Μόλις είδα την κάρτα της Νατάσας ειλικρινά είπα we have a winner!
    Τέλεια κάρτα!
    Φιλιά πολλά!

  4. Έχει και τα καλά του να καταβροχθίζει η αγάπη σου την τούρτα... λιγότερη κατανάλωση θερμίδων! ;ο)

    Φοβερή σύνθεση και για άλλη μια φορά ζηλεύω τις φωτογραφίες που τραβάς!



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