Almost a year

Laziness comes with a price.I hadn't touched my project life albums for almost a year before last month.The only thing I kept doing-thank god-was sorting out the photos I took, editing them and organising them in files in my laptop.It is more like a habit to me emptying my cards quite often.And I thankful for this.
So here is the story: When Mira from Family Portraits contacted me and asked if I wanted to use their beautiful products I thought it's now or never.I received a big fat box full of supplies.I opened EVERYTHING on my desk and picked lots of different themes because I had to cover summer, autumn, winter, Christmas, spring, birthdays and everyday life.
Today I am showing you most of my finished spreads and I really hope you like them.

What I loved mostly about these cards is that they are uniquely cute and simple, soft and lovely.
Here are some close ups

 Let's go to February

I didn't have enough photos to cover a two page spread so I only made one.This card with the garland was perfect for my daughter's post-it notes , scattered everywhere in the house.She had just learnt how to write her name.(backwards as well,lol)

March is next

and April in the same page.I am Elena and I am lazy.My relationship with my camera was going through a major crisis.

And here comes May

and some detailed photos

That was almost everything I made.It was lots of hard work.Those of you, who document your lives, know I am not kidding.But the good thing is that it was fun and reminded me how good it feels to smell scrapbook supplies after such a long time.
If you are interested, you can take a look at the cards I used here and the clear stickers here.
It's time to go now.It was a long post.I would like to thank Family Portraits for the chance to use their beautiful and inspiring  products as well as everyone who reads this.
Thank you and have a nice day. 

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